LiveNorcross program aims to address housing affordability issues

Norcross officials pose for a photo with the community partners they are working with on their LiveNorcross program which is aimed at addressing housing affordability issues in the city. The program launched earlier this year. (Photo: LiveNorcross/Facebook)

Norcross officials are hoping a new initiative designed to address housing affordability issues will make the city into “a home to imagine.”

The LiveNorcross program was launched earlier this year as part of Norcross’ participation in the Georgia Initiative for Community Housing. The city was one of five towns across the state that were chosen last year to identify housing challenges in their communities and come up with strategies and resources which can be used to address them.

“As Norcross grows and develops, we want to ensure our city is an attractive place to live for all who call our city home,” Norcross Mayor Craig Newton said in a letter to residents about the effort. “Our desire is that Norcross feels like home to all our residents, regardless of where they reside or if they rent, lease or own a home in our great city.”

Norcross will work with the Georgia Initiative for Community Housing on the program for the next three years. During that time, they will have access to housing experts at institutions and organizations such as the University of Georgia, the Georgia Department of Community Affairs and the Georgia Municipal Association.

LiveNorcross officials have taken inspiration from the city’s A Place to Imagine slogan and created A Home to Imagine as the slogan for the program, which falls under the auspices of Norcross’ Community Development department.

The program has also hosted one outreach project, a housing expo that was held recently at Summerour Middle School. Another effort it is undertaking is a survey of families who live in extended stay motels in the city. Norcross officials said there are 14 extended stay businesses in the city.

Housing experts said a sizable segment of the city’s population lives in temporary housing facilities, such as extended stay motels.

“On any given day, approximately 8 percent of the population in the city resides in highly transient housing,” Gwinnett Housing Corporation CEO Lejla Prljaca said in a statement. “We are surveying extended stay patrons to find out about their barriers to permanent housing so that we can more efficiently serve this population.”

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